B2Boost is one of Belgium’s top fastest growing technology companies. The company develops and operates sophisticated B2B e-Commerce solutions for the Entertainment, Telecom and other industries.

Head office is located in the Brussels region in a modern, international and pleasing environment, with a local subsidiary in Madrid, Spain.

Company Values

  • We believe that our employees well-being, motivation and enthusiasm are at the core of our growth. Our employees’ positive feedback,their low turnover and positivism are key signs of their high level of satisfaction. Our wish is that every B2Boost employee feels like an important member of this mid-sized family.
  • Organic organisation: B2Boost believes in next-gen management: We foster quality training and autonomy instead of managerial micro-supervision. Accordingly, we opted for an organic structure composed of independent, self-managing teams nurtured by a collaborative spirit and striving for a company-wide shared success.
  • Trust and flexibility: We believe mutual trust is the main driver of our company. We intend to fulfill employees' needs by offering a high degree of flexibility, both in terms of working responsibilities as well as work-life balance. In exchange, we expect the employee to remain focused, creative and embrace our collaborative mindset.
  • Pleasant working environment: High emphasis has been put into the design of our workspace for it to be in line with our way of thinking. We have opted for a brand-new open space allowing for informal interactions between all colleagues. In addition to that, our building offers excellent extra services for everybody to enjoy.
  • Positive and open-minded atmosphere: Being driven by strong values while progressing towards common goals, B2Boost consist of a good mix of diverse profiles, nationalities and personalities thus resulting in an enthusiastic atmosphere. It is of the utmost importance for us to maintain and nurture all of this.

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